Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Rwanda/Arusha: genocide prosecution of only woman in custody

Pauline Nyiramasuhuko is the only woman in the custody of the ICTR. She is the former minister of Family and Women Affairs. She is being tried along with five others ... and the prosecution concluded its presentation last Friday. More on the case here.

More stories about Nyiramasuhuko here, here, and here.

UPDATE: Check out this other (slightly related) article ...
Today, Rwanda's women and girls have one of the highest literacy rates in Africa -- 61 percent. Boys and girls attend school at about the same rate, nearly 70 percent; before the genocide, boys outnumbered girls 9 to 1. Nearly half of university graduates are women, compared to 6 percent just 10 years ago. And for the first time, women have the right to own property; in the past, they could not keep their homes, or even their children, when their husbands or male relatives died.