Sunday, November 07, 2004

Cambodia: $2 to see Pol Pot's ashes

Strange ...
The Khmer Rouge abolished money during their genocidal regime but now the Cambodian government is charging $2 to tourists visiting the spot where their murderous leader, Pol Pot, was disposed of.

[...] Pol Pot's cremation site is the prime asset in a plan to develop Anlong Veng, their last stronghold, into a tourist attraction. Down a narrow path behind a roadside market, through the wooden huts of a small Cambodian army encampment, the spot where the genocidal killer's remains were cremated has become a shrine.

[...] Two cranes stand nearby ready to build a casino to lure visitors once the go-ahead is given. "Without tourism development other businesses will not do well," said Seng Sokheng, manager of the Anlong Veng tourist office. (source)
There are clearly people who still like Pol Pot.