Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Botswana: US government's police training academy

Interesting story here and here about the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Botswana. The Academy is training police officers from across Africa.
So far, 1,100 policemen from 17 countries, most in southern Africa, have been at the ILEA in Botswana.

Next year brings the first trainees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. (source)
Both stories say the Academy was opened last year ... but according to this page on the US State Department website, it was opened in 2001.

Both stories also say the program is run by the US Department of Homeland Security. However, to be precise (and I do love to be precise) ... the ILEA in Botswana is run by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre (FLETC) which is part of the Department of Homeland Security. And while Homeland Security is the lead agency at the Botswana ILEA, many other departments are involved in setting policy for all the ILEAs (there are four) ...
The Secretary of State, the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury established the ILEA Policy Board comprised of senior representatives from their respective organizations. Department of Homeland Security, as a new charter member, will also have senior representation on the Policy Board. ...

The FBI is the lead agency for ILEA Budapest [est. 1995], DEA for Bangkok [est. 1999] and FLETC for Gaborone. (source)
More on the courses offered at ILEA Gaborone (Botswana) ... here. (Includes pictures of the buildings ... pretty.)