Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sudan/Darufr: AU considering sending 2,000 troops

Last week, there was an annoucement that the African Union was considering expanding the role of the force it's sending to Darfur ... changing it from a "protection force" and into a full-fledged peacekeeping force. Today, we get some numbers ...
"We are considering, with Nigeria and Rwanda, the possibility of sending two battalions, which makes approximately 2,000 men," AU spokesman Adam Thiam told AFP by phone Wednesday from Addis Ababa, the body's headquarters.

Discussions with the two countries, the only African nations that have confirmed that they will contribute troops, "are very advanced," he said, adding that the force "is evolving into a mission to maintain peace... with probable logistical support from the United States."

Nigeria and Rwanda "have agreed to send a battalion" each, Thiam added.

"Tanzania, which has also been approached, is interested to take part in this force", while Botswana has declined any participation, he added.

The role of the new force will be "to protect (AU) observers and civilians returning to their homes," Thiam added. (source)
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