Wednesday, August 18, 2004

South Africa: security company's offices raided

The following was posted about an hour ago ...
National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Sipho Ngwema said a company called International Intelligence Risk Management had been raided as well as the owner of the company's residence in Durbanville. [That must mean ... "the residence of the company's owner".]

He said the premises was suspected of being an agency for the recruitment of mercenaries. In terms of the law, it is illegal for South Africans to work as mercenaries in other countries.

Three people were taken in for questioning on Wednesday, but they would probably be released, Ngwema said.

Documents and other data were seized at the Parow property as part of a probe into the alleged contravention of the Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Act. (source)
A bit more from News 24 ...
[The head of the Scorpions' special national projects, Andrew] Leask said files were found of at least 2 000 people, who had been [allegedly] recruited as mercenaries.

He said the Scorpions [an elite police unit] were trying to determine whether these recruits had been sent to foreign countries as mercenaries.

[...] Recruits were required to pay R65 cash a month, and the Scorpions were trying to determine what had happened to the money.

Leask said there were no indications that the recruitment company had any links with South Africans working as security personnel in Iraq, or South Africans being held in Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea.

The Scorpions were also looking into other companies recruiting people to work in countries of conflict.

Some of these companies had been subcontracted by the Parow company to recruit people for it.

They were also still looking for the owner of the company, who was believed to be somewhere in the Western Cape, but had eluded them on Wednesday. (source)
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