Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Zimbabwe: white farmers find "greener pastures" in Nigeria

A group of white farmers have been invited to farm in Nigeria and promised financial aid.

A fair number of farmers are already prospering in neighbouring Zambia.

Angola and Mozambique have been wooing them as well.

UPDATE: More on the deal the 15 farmers going to Nigeria are getting ...
Group leader Alan Jack said the farmers had each reached a deal with the government of central Nigeria's Kwara State to take separate 25-year leases on 1,000 hectare packets of fertile land and now hoped to start work in September.

[...] At least 90% of the manpower on the farms will be recruited locally and the farmers will be expected to buy as much seed, fertiliser and equipment as they can from Kwara and Nigerian suppliers, the statement said.

A community trust fund, run jointly by local stakeholders, will be established to build social facilities and infrastructure for the welfare of the host communities, according to the text of the deal.

The fund will be financed by a special levy fixed at 1% of the farmers' gross turnover, and a school to help transfer skills and technology to local entrepreneurs will also be established.

[...] The governor assured the Zimbabweans that government would protect their safety and their livelihoods. (source)