Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sweden: second annual homeless soccer world cup

The 2004 Homeless World Cup is being held in Gothenburg, Sweden and will run July 25 - August 1.

About 30 teams are attending ... some of the countries fielding teams ... Brazil, Nigeria, Japan, Canada ...

Wouldn't you love to hear the conversations ...

A bit o' history from New York Press columnist Ron Grunberg.
The Homeless World Cup grew out of a meeting of street newspaper editors in Capetown, South Africa, in March 2001. Harald Schmied, editor of the Graz [Austria] paper, Megaphon, took on the notion and managed to raise half a million dollars for the first year's games. Eighteen countries, including the U.S., agreed to field teams, and we sought out our own funding from corporate and private backers. None of our city or state money went toward the trip—only outside funds. (source)
The first "World Cup" was held last year in Graz, Austria ... and Austria won.