Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sudan/Darfur: more Janjaweed members found guilty

The court in the South Darfur state capital of Nyala sentenced the [seven] men, accused of membership in the so-called Janjaweed militia, to execution, crucifixion, cross-amputation, imprisonment or fines, a statement from presiding judge Mukhtar Ibrahim Adam said.

[...] Local police said they have detained 100 Janjaweed and other outlaws, official sources said on Thursday.

[...] "At best those being captured are opportunists who have profited from the outbreak of conflict to loot and pillage and at worst these men are petty criminals who are being scape-goated. I don't think the government has the ability to really take on the Janjaweed leaders," said one source at an international organisation working in Sudan.

[...] Cross-amputation means the amputation of a left hand and a right foot, or the other way round. It is the punishment prescribed in the Koran for "those who wage war against God and his Prophet and strive to make mischief in the land".(source)
A few days ago, 10 other men were given similar punishments ... but I believe crucifixion is new.