Monday, July 05, 2004

Sudan/Darfur: desecration of Qorans

The Human Rights Watch report has a section on the destruction of mosques and religous articles. I would like to draw your attention to the part that talks about Janjaweed and government forces desecrating Qorans.
In addition to villages and civilian property, the Sudan government has engaged in the systematic destruction of mosques and the desecration of articles of Islam in Darfur. The African Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa of Darfur, unlike the African population of southern Sudan, are Muslims. Almost all Darfurians belong to the Tijaniya sect of Sufi Islam that extends from Senegal to Sudan.

In the past year, government and Janajweed forces have killed imams, destroyed mosques and prayer mats. In some villages, they have torn up and defecated on Qorans.
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