Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sudan/Darfur: AU asks for help airlifting troops

The African Union has asked for British and Dutch help in airlifting 300 African troops to Darfur.

UPDATE: July 29 ...
The African Union (AU) has delayed deployment of a protection force to western Sudan region of Darfur from end of July, as earlier planned, to early August, due to logistic problems, the AU conflict management centre's deputy El Ghassim Wane said.

"The protection force will that was to be deployed in Darfur by end of July, will now not be in place until the first week of August, 2004," Wane said Thursday.

"The contributing countries, Nigeria and Rwanda, are still sorting out the volume and size of their forces to be dispatched to Darfur by the AU," Wane added. (source)
UPDATE: August 3 ... the Netherlands has agreed to fund a mission to fly 360 AU troops to Sudan.