Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sudan: there are TWO conflicts

I've come across two reports so far today (this and this) that don't differentiate between what's going on in Darfur (in the west) and what's going on in the south ... and hence make a mistake about where the UN peacekeeping troops are going to be deployed.

In the south ... once the peace accord between the government and SPLA/M is finalized, UN peacekeeping troops are going to be deployed to monitor the situation. The advance UN team that's being sent to Sudan is going there to prepare for this mission.

As for Darfur ... people want peacekeepers to be deployed there to help the million people who have been displaced ... but there is no commitment to send UN troops there. (The African Union is deploying 300 soldiers.)


In the south ... the conflict is described as one that has pitted the "Muslim north against the Christian and animist south".

In Darfur ... the Arab militias, their victims, the rebels ... they are ALL Muslims.