Friday, July 30, 2004

South Africa: security company has contract for Angola

International Intelligence Risk Management, the company posted about here, has a contract in Angola. It had been speculated that the compnay was providing services in Zimbabwe. However ...
Derek Davids, spokesperson for [the company ...] admitted that his firm had been in touch with the Zimbabwe government.

"I can confirm that International Intelligence Risk Management has communicated with the Zimbabwe government in connection with a contract to secure the principal (Mugabe), and to protect properties and installations in that country." (source)
Here is where things get interesting ... Derek Davids is assocated with the now infamous security firm, Executive Outcomes.
"I was consulted to do work about four or five years ago by Executive Outcomes and I helped them here and there with information gathering," said Derek Davids.

He said he had come into contact with the group as a result of his background in military intelligence and his knowledge of various parts of Africa, where he had been deployed during the apartheid era.

He said that Executive Outcomes had specifically asked him to recruit military and intelligence operatives "from the old system". He said his current work was not connected to the military activities of the organization, which he admitted, "is still very active everywhere in Africa".1
Another person in the news who has a connection to Executive Outcomes ... Simon Mann, the man who along with 69 other men is currently standing trial in Zimbabwe, accused of trying to overthrow the leader of Equatorial Guinea. Mann co-founded Executive Outcomes.


1: Khoisan, Zenzile. (2004, July 22). Ministry silent on hiring of soldiers. Cape Argus.