Friday, July 09, 2004

Equatorial Guinea: third coup attempt allegedly being planned

A story by Bruce Venter in today's Independent ...
A Pretoria-based Special Forces operator, serving in the South African National Defence Force, says he was approached last week in connection with the operation.

"I was contacted by a recruiting agent who is attempting to recruit for an operation in West Africa planned for the end of July," he said.

He claimed the agent was connected to former Special Forces members closely linked to the failed operations in Equatorial Guinea. The allegations were supported by retired Special Forces operator, John Paul: "Word is out in the mercenary community of work in West Africa at the end of the month and fighting men are needed to do that work."

Paul, a former mercenary, also claimed retired operators were behind the plot. Former 32 Battalion members, previously engaged in mercenary activities, support the claims. (source)
Venter counts this alleged plot as the third attempt against the government of Equatorial Guinea. He mentions an attempt in February 2004 and counts that as the first attempt. (He says it was abandoned after the aircraft transporting the suspected mercenaries was turned around in Zambia.) Then there is the March 2004 coup attmpt that ended before it started when the alleged mercenaries were arrested during a stopover in Zimbabwe.

I was not aware of the February 2004 attempt ... and I'm still checking on that. However, if we were to count that, then the plot Venter recounts would be the fourth attempted coup of the year because the government of Equatorial Guinea alleged there was a coup attempt in late May.

So if we assume all is true, there were attempts in/on/around ...
  • February 2004
  • March 7, 2004
  • May 29, 2004
  • planning for late July 2004

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