Monday, June 21, 2004

Zimbabwe: condoms were only the beginning

Recall how a few months ago government officials were upset by condoms bearing the phrase "get up, stand up" ... worried that the condom-messages were telling the population to "stand up" against the government ...

Well, it seems "they" -- the people behind the condom campaign -- really were out to get them. And "they" are ...
Zvakwana - which means 'enough' in the Shona language - has launched a bold campaign expressed through graffiti, emails and condoms to encourage the Zimbabwean people to rise up.

[...] A black Z on a bright yellow handprint is appearing mysteriously on the walls of bus stations, on busy streets and over billboards across Harare and other cities. Thousands of 'revolutionary condoms' have been distributed, emblazoned with the letter Z and the double-entendre message 'Get up! Stand Up!'.

[...] Zvakwana carried out one of its trademark 'non-violent civic actions' in Harare just before Zimbabwe's Independence Day events on 18 April. Activists spray-painted lampposts and the large pipes next to the main Tongogara Avenue, used by Mugabe's 27-vehicle motorcade when he travels to the National Sports Stadium, and 'Get UP Stand UP' appeared on stadium turnstiles and walls. 'There was so much graffiti,' crows the group, 'the regime couldn't repaint it before Mugabe's trip, so he had to take a different route.' (full-text)
The campaign's website ... Zvakwana