Friday, June 25, 2004

Uganda/DRC: Museveni says he's dedicated to peace agreement

Ugandan President Museveni told diplomats in Kampala on Thursday that he is dedicated to the Lusaka Peace Accord and that he would arrest the Congolese dissident leader General Nkunda, if he entered Uganda.

This follows a story published in The Monitor earlier this week alleging that General Nkunda had been in Uganda to talk to President Museveni ... a story that was quickly denied by government officials.

Also ... State Minister for Defence Ruth Nankabirwa said that defence forces are on high alert because of the tense situation along the Uganda, DRC and Rwanda border.


Here is the full-text of the 2002 Lusaka Peace Accord. The agreement basically arranges the withdrawal of Ugandan troops from the DRC.

Note this is different from the 1999 Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement.