Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Sudan/Darfur: implications for the north-south peace deal

Something to consider ...

There is real concern that the situation in Darfur could derail the north-south peace deal.

A couple of days ago, a senior SPLA/M commander, Abdel Aziz Adim [Adam?], told the BBC that the SPLA/M would refuse to join a coalition government that "crushes" Darfur.
"We will not be party to a government that will crush the people of Darfur," Mr Adim said.

"They have a just cause and I personally will not be ready to work with such a government."
Khartoum media also accused the SPLA/M of airlifting arms to rebels in Darfur.

The Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement is in final negotiatons with the government to end the decades long civil war.