Wednesday, June 23, 2004

DRC: one coup leader flees ... UNSC takes a stand ... and other developments

Colonel Jules Mutebutsi and 300 of his men have taken refuge in Rwanda ... Rwandan military says it has disarmed them.

Mutebutsi, along with fellow renegade Brigadier General Laurent Nkunda, captured the eastern Congolese town of Bukavu three weeks ago.

The UN Security Council on Tuesday addressed DRC's neighbours ...
The Security Council urged Rwanda not to provide any practical or political support to armed groups in the DRC, particularly those led by Gen. Nkunda and Col. Mutebusi, and it strongly encouraged the leaders of DRC, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi "to work together to reduce tensions and restore confidence in the region."

The Council also reminded Uganda not to provide military support for armed Congolese groups and called on Burundi to prevent support going from its territory to armed groups in neighbouring DRC.
And this curious story in Monday's Monitor (Uganda) ... saying that General Nkunda was in Kampala to talk to the President.
Speaking to The Monitor by phone yesterday, Nkunda said he has met with Ugandan security officials and briefed President Yoweri Museveni about the deteriorating situation in the Congo.

"We have asked President Museveni to talk to President Joseph Kabila so that he can help independently investigate massacres of Banyamulenge (ethnic Tutsi) in Bukavu" he said.
However, in Tuesday's New Vision, defence minister Amama Mbabazi denied that any meeting had taken place.