Wednesday, June 16, 2004

DRC: coup leader still on the loose

The latest on last Friday's failed coup attempt in the Democratic Republic of Congo ... the leader of that coup was Major Eric Lenge ...

On Saturday, presidential spokesman Kudura Kasongo was quoted as saying that the government thought Lenge was hiding in a forest in Bas Congo, adding "If he is there, we will eventually get him as he will have to come out and get something to eat."

He must have been hungry on Sunday because Congolese soldiers were involved in gunbattle with a group thought to include Lenge.
"On Sunday, eight men in uniform hijacked a car in Kinshasa and became involved in a shootout with the security forces, killing one of our men," Information Minister Vital Kamerhe said.

"We strongly suspect that this was Lenge and his men," he said, adding security forces had shot at the assailants as they tried to flee the capital in a boat.
Reuters also reports that many people in Kinshasa have expressed doubt about how the "coup" went down ... questioning how the plotters were so easily able to take the radio station and then escape.

UPDATE: July 7, 2004 ... Lenge has been found.