Thursday, April 15, 2004

Uganda: Museveni says talk still possible, sets conditions

From today's Monitor (link)...
In a press missive dated April 14 and sent out yesterday, Mr Museveni spoke of his determination to end the 17-year-old rebellion militarily but left the window open for talks.

"Nevertheless, I am renewing my readiness to talk with the terrorist leaders, either directly or through intermediaries, in order to expeditiously resolve this problem," the President said in the statement.

... According to the President’s missive, the rebels must indicate that they are ready to disarm and move to a mutually agreed-upon place near the border with Sudan, which will be monitored by mutually agreed-upon neutral parties.

“Then, we shall be able to talk with them about their future and any other grievances they may have,” Museveni said.