Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Uganda: LRA's Kony says he's leaving Sudan for Ethiopia

The LRA's Joseph Kony gave an interview to a new magazine -- The Referendum -- run by southern Sudanese exiles based in Kenya. He tells the magazine that he's quitting Sudan and going to Ethiopia.
“I am considering other options due to some - expected events from the Sudanese lords,” Kony says in the interview.

“I have been invited by some lords in Oromo lands in Ethiopia and I will go there soon,” he told The Referendum magazine.

... "I want to tell the Sudanese lords to keep away from us because if they attack us as they have done it this month (March 2004), we will fight and set their villages on fires."
The Kony interview was reportedly conducted by an unnamed former bodyguard and is said to have taken place on March 6 in the Sudanese city of Juba.

Here are some of the other things Kony said in the interview.

- He admits he received support from Sudan in the past.

- He has visited Khartoum four times since 1997 ... visited a Khartom military officers club in 2002

- He denied that Egypt was backing the LRA to destabilise Uganda. "Stop here, please. I have not connections with Egypt and I want this issue closed."

- And as to why he won't negotiate with President Museveni. "President Museveni cannot talk peace, he is (a) killer and he wanted to kill me by all means. I have asked the lords of the LRA to kill Museveni," Kony said, referring to his commanders.

- He won't talk on the phone for fear that the Ugandan army will track him down. "I will communicate with Museveni through the holy spirits and not through the telephone."

- And as for how he came to decide he was a "liberator" ... "Dreams of the spirit came to me one night and asked me to launch a lord's resistance movement. I spent 60 days praying and appealing to God to strengthen my faith so that I could liberate the people of Uganda from corruption, sins and immoral thinking," Kony said.


If you want to know what the LRA is about, read this.

The government of Sudan used to support the LRA in retaliation for Uganda's support fo the SPLA/M. This is the case no longer and in fact, Sudan and Uganda have a deal allowing the Ugandan military to cross into Sudan in pursuit of the LRA. The LRA has also been attacking the local Sudanaese earning their enmity.

The International Criminal Court's first ever investigation is of the LRA.

LRA = Lord's Resistance Army
SPLA/M = Southern People's Liberation Army/Movement