Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Sudan: USAID chief on Darfur (plus Bush statement on Darfur)

Interesting interview with Andrew Natsios, director of the US Agency for International Development ("Sudan interview").

Natsios says that President Bush might soon start taking a more vocal stand on the Darfur issue. Natsios also lashes out at the Sudanese government, saying it's stonewalling in its negotiations with the Darfur rebels. He also says that the US won't normalize relations with Sudan if it doesn't settle the Darfur situation ... that it's not enough to settle the North-South situation.

UPDATE: Will you look at that! The interview with Natsios was done yesterday ... and tody, President Bush released a statement, condeming what's going on in Darfur.
The Sudanese Government must immediately stop local militias from committing atrocities against the local population and must provide unrestricted access to humanitarian aid agencies. I condemn these atrocities, which are displacing hundreds of thousands of civilians, and I have expressed my views directly to President Bashir of Sudan.