Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Sudan: Sudan Peace Act, deadline tomorrow

Under the US's 2002 Sudan Peace Act, to avoid imposing sanctions and keep $100 million in aid flowing, the President must certify that the Sudanese government and SPLA/M are negotiating in good faith and report that to Congress every six months. The next report is due tomorrow.
[State Department spokesperson Richard] Boucher said the Bush administration is also telling the sides that under the Sudan Peace Act, the administration must make a determination to Congress by April 21 as to which party - or both - is responsible for the failure to reach agreement. He said that determination will affect how the United States deals with the parties in the future.
That statment was made a week ago ... and the talks between the two partie have stalled on the remaining major issue -- whether Sharia law should apply to non-mulims in the capital Khartoum.