Monday, April 05, 2004

Libya: Bulgarian AIDS case

Libya has been trying six Bulgarians -- five nurses and a doctor -- accused of deliberately infecting 393 Libyan children with HIV through tainted blood products.

According to reports, the court held its final hearing of the case today and a verdict might be delivered on April 15.
The world's top AIDS experts, including the co-discoverer of the HIV virus French doctor Luc Montagnier, have testified that the Bulgarians could not have caused the infection as it started before the hospital hired them in 1997. They have said that bad hygiene most likely caused the contagion.

... Prosecutors have backed away from accusations that the Bulgarians were part of a CIA-Mossad plot against Libya and are now saying that the medics were conducting an experiment of their own.
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According to this Reuters story, 426 children were infected (with 40 having died since 1999) ... and the families are demanding $6 billion in damages from the Libyan state and the Bulgarians.

UPDATE: There's the six Bulgarians ... and a Palestinian doctor.