Saturday, March 06, 2004

US military in Africa: "draining a swamp"

Here is another Associated Press article on the US military's strategy in Africa. The strategy includes ...
... deploying American units of about 200 soldiers to train armies throughout the continent, patrol alongside them, or hunt terrorists on short notice if necessary.

"Some people compare it to draining a swamp," Air Force Gen. Charles Wald told The Associated Press, eyeing a map of Africa in his office in Stuttgart. "We need to drain the swamp."

... the European Command wants to establish a half-dozen low-maintenance bases at airports or remote camps in Africa. About 200 troops would be deployed to each base at a time.

"They'd be places that we could go into for a small period of time, either train locally with those governments or actually use those to maybe execute an operation from," Wald said.

... Agreements with various African governments to use other airports as fuel stops would help U.S. troops move across the continent as needed.
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