Friday, March 05, 2004

Sudan/Uganda: LRA earn another enemy

A government-backed militia and the SPLA/M today announced that they have joined forces in order to fight the LRA.
[Equatoria Defence Forces] ... leader, Dr Theophilus Lotti, said [that] about 10 days ago, forces from the two groups "launched a big operation to kick out the LRA from Sudan". This week, heavy fighting was reported between the SPLM/A forces, and the Equatoria-based LRA, which the SPLM/A accuses of operating out of government-controlled territory in southern Sudan.
The EDF fought against the SPLA/M for a long time ... now Lotti says that progress in the peace talks has narrowed differences between the former rivals and they can cooperate against a common threat.
"So long as the LRA occupy southern Sudan, there will be no peace in Sudan even if we sign a peace agreement," Lotti said.
EDF leader Lotti has been personally affected by LRA attacks ...
"They have been attacking soft spots like schools and churches and recently hacked four people to death including my father-in-law," said EDF leader Theopilous Ochang Lotti at a news conference in the SPLA offices in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.
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SPLA/M = Southern People's Liberation Army/Movement
EDF = Equatoria Defence Forces
LRA = Lord's Resistance Army