Thursday, March 18, 2004

Sudan: peace talks in Kenya extended

The latest round of talks in Kenya were supposed to end on March 16 ... the talks have been extended.

And now, the US special envoy to Sudan, John Danforth, is reportedly on his way to try and make something happen.

The problem ...
"They have looked at everything, they have made quite a lot of progress, but they have not made any decisions," Lazaro Sumbeiywo said [to the Associated Press].

The remaining obstacles to a peace deal -- all potential deal-breakers -- are the composition of a transitional administration, the fate of three disputed areas in central Sudan, and whether the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, should be governed under Islamic law. (link)
These "obstacles", these very same issues, proved a challenge in the last round of talks as well.

According to this ... the talks have been extended till Monday.

And how much do we love the folks at IRIN! They've put together a list of who's who in Sudan.