Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Sudan: comprehensive peace deal imminent?

Note that Xinhua is the only one carrying this story ... they're reporting that the government and SPLA/M may sign a comprehensive peace agreement in the next few days.
"We hope in the next few days the two will be able to sign a peace agreement. For now we can only pray for them and hope that a breakthrough will be reached in the next few days," [Kenyan Minister for Foreign Affairs Kalonzo] Musyoka told a regional workshop which was organized by African Peace Forum, a nongovernmental organization.

The minister, however, said the negotiations have reached a critical stage and hoped that soon, a solution for Abyei, one of the disputed areas, will be found.

"I expect they will agree on the two outstanding issues even before the end of this current session of the talks on March 16. For now the deliberations are at a delicate stage and we do not want to open up," he said.
SPLA/M = Southern People's Liberation Army/Movement

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