Thursday, March 04, 2004

Nigeria: Oops!

Nigeria has denied that Pakistan offered to help it develop nuclear power.

Earlier today, the Nigerian Defence Ministry had issued a statement saying that Pakistan had offered to help it develop nuclear power.
The offer was made on Wednesday when the chairman of Pakistan's joint chiefs of staff, General Muhammad Aziz Khan, met with Nigeria's Defence Minister Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso in Abuja, the statement said.

... According to the Nigerian account of the meeting, General Khan said that "his country is working out the dynamics of how it can assist Nigeria's armed forces to strengthen its military capability and to acquire nuclear power.
Pakistan had immediately denied that such an offer had been made ... and a few hours later, Nigeria retracted the statement, calling the reference to "nuclear power" a typo.

This reminds of that incident in late January when Nigeria held talks with North Korea and there was confusion about whether Nigeria was getting missiles from DPRK or not ... it's not. (More on that here and here.)