Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Libya\UK: Blair is definitely going

It has been confirmed now ... Tony Blair is going to visit Libya tomorrow ... here is some of what he had to say about that trip...
“Let us offer to states that want to renounce terrorism and the development of weapons of mass destruction our hand in partnership to achieve it, as Libya has rightly and courageously decided to do.

“That does not mean forgetting the pain of the past but it does mean recognising it’s time to move on.”
There are several stories out that Shell and BAE Systems are close to signing deals with Libya. Check the following quote from an unnamed Brit official.
"A number of British companies are interested in Libya," an official travelling with Blair said in Madrid.

"It is possible that Shell will be able to find an agreement with Libya in the days ahead."
And a story (not new) that the Brits might be offering military training to Libya.
A Downing Street spokeswoman said that the proposals were to show that Libya could defend itself without weapons of mass destruction.

.... Asked whether it was premature, he [a senior British official travelling with Blair] said: "Part of our agreement with Libya was that we and the US would act quickly to bring them back and show them the rewards of cooperation with the international institutions."
US Assistant Secretary of State William Burns was in Libya yesterday for a two-day trip ... he is the highest ranking US official to have visited the country in over 20 years. Burns delivered a letter to Qaddafi from President Bush dealing with bilateral relations and the international situation. ( says the letter dealt with ways of improving relations between the two countries.)

BAE Systems is an aerospace and defence company.