Friday, March 12, 2004

Ghana/Equatorial Guinea: what's happening to the Ghanaians?

A story in Ghana Review (quoting a local radio show) says that about 500 Ghanaians are being detained in Equatorial Guinea.
According to them [the detained], authorities in the country have issued a statement to the effect that the presence of foreigners are no longer needed in that country.

... Speaking in interview with Peace FM this morning (today) one of the victims, one Kwaku, stated that their living conditions have deteriorated since the ultimatum was given with some of them dying.
Recall those reports that the embassies of Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon and Nigeria had been surrounded over the weekend as EG forces rounded up some "foreigners". As we got more details, I had assumed those "foreigners" were the alleged mercenaries. But I suppose they could have caught all non-EG-ers in the net.