Friday, March 05, 2004

Algeria: court upholds FNL ruling

With five weeks till election day, presidential candidate Ali Benflis has become a man essentially without party or money. On Wednesday, the State Council ruled to uphold a lower court decision to freeze the assets and activities of the National Liberation Front (FNL).
The decision "shows once more that the president will spare nothing to satisfy his inextinguishable thirst for power," said Ali Benflis, who is considered [President] Bouteflika's top rival in the April 8 presidential vote.

... On Dec. 30, an administrative court froze the activities and bank accounts of the FLN and declared the party's eighth congress - an extraordinary session in which Benflis was named party secretary-general - null and void.

That decision was prompted by a complaint filed by party militants who contested the results of the March 2003 congress.
Bouteflika was elected in 1999 on the FNL ticket. Then last March, Benflis was elected party secretary general and the party stopped backing Bouteflika.

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