Saturday, February 28, 2004

Libya: Gadhafi talks about WMDs

At the closing of the African Union summit in Libya, Colonel Gadhafi talked about the decision to give up his country's weapons of mass destruction program.
"Any national state that will adopt this policy cannot protect itself. On the contrary, it would expose itself to danger," he said.

... "A nuclear arms race is a crazy, destructive policy for economy and life. We would like to have a better economy and improve life," he said.
The Associated Press has a little bit more of the speech.
"Libya has informed the world that it has decided to give up weapons of mass destruction. We have found that this is not the responsibility of the national state," he said of the weapons program. "Any national state that will adopt these policies cannot protect herself, on the contrary it would expose itself to danger."

... "We have declared that Africa must be free of weapons of mass destruction."

"If a national state within the African Union has arms of mass destruction, this may lead to terrorism and terrorizing its neighbors."