Monday, January 26, 2004

Zimbabwe: Mugabe ill?

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mugabe was flown to South Africa for medical treatment on Saturday after suffering a "violent vomiting fit" the day before. (The DT quotes a member of Mugabe's entourage.)
His collapse followed a similar bout of illness three months ago, for which he was also treated in South Africa. Last night, road blocks were set up around Harare, manned by riot police and soldiers to dispel any mass protests. Reinforcements from police, army and militia outside the capital were drafted into Harare to shore up the regime.
The governments of Zimbabwe and South Africa issued statements denying that Mugabe is ill, claiming instead that he was in SA on a "private visit".

I like this quote ...
"The President is as fit as none of his detractors can ever hope to be in their lifetime," thundered [Zim] Secretary for Information and Publicity in the Office of the President and Cabinet George Charamba. (link)