Monday, January 26, 2004

Uganda: rebel amnesty extended

Uganda has extended the amnesty offer for another three months.
"We have information that there is a big group [of Lords Resistance Army soldiers] heading for Uganda from southern Sudan to surrender, so there is still use for the amnesty," [Internal Affairs Minister Ruhakana] Rugunda told Reuters in an interview. "We are extending it for three months, which should be enough for anybody else wishing to surrender."
Cabinet is expected to pass an amendment to the amnesty law which would exclude rebel leaders.

Note the second graf of the story ... Allied Democratic Force (ADF) in western Uganda and the Uganda National Resistance Force II (UNRF-II) have given up their rebellions and taken advantage of the amnesty offer. I believe this leaves the Lord's Resistance Army as the only (major?) rebellion in the country.

UPDATE: The government had initially decided to extend the amnesty for six months. However, a week later, the government had reduced it to three months.
Father Carlos Rodriguez of the Acholi Religious Leaders’ Peace Initiative (ARLPI), a group trying to initiate dialogue to end the war, criticised the government decision. ...

"And you cannot pass a six-month extension of an amnesty and then confuse them by saying they have only three," he added.