Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Sudan: wealth sharing deal reached

The following are a couple of the points in the wealth sharing deal signed today by the government and the SPLA/M.
- Oil revenue from wells in the south, where most exploited petroleum is located, is to be split on a 50-50 basis between the southern and national governments, after at least two percent is given to the states where the oil is produced

- A dual banking system is to be set up, an Islamic one (where charging interest is forbidden) in the north and a conventional one in the south, where a special branch of the central bank will be established
A few more issues remain to be resolved, all of them very important. They still have to figure out the organization of the transitional administration, the future of three disputed areas in central Sudan, and whether the Sudanese capital should be governed by Sharia law.

And least you forget that troubling conflict in the western, Darfur region of Sudan ....
"They will be making a mistake if they think that by signing this agreement everything is settled," SLM/A spokesman Ahmed Abdelshafi Yagoub told Reuters. "(SLM/A) will continue fighting until the aspirations of the people of Sudan are realised."(link)
SLA/M = Sudan Liberation Army/Movement
SPLA/M = Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement active in the South