Saturday, January 24, 2004

Sudan: negotiators to break?

It's all about Sudan today!

Sudanese VP and chief government negotiator Taha may be going on the Hajj which means that the Kenya talks may break at the end of the month. The SPLA/M negotiators say they are not aware of any break and say they are willing to continue with the talks until they reach an agreement.

The two parties were supposed to have reached a final agreement by the end of 2003 ... then there was word/speculation that agreement was due within weeks, either January or February.

The story on carries a quote from the Kenyan chief mediator to the peace talks, Lazaro Sumbeiywo.
Sambyou said that there are two "camps in Sudan.. those who want to reach an agreement and those who do not.. that allegation saying he is [Taha] going for pilgrims might have come from those who stand against the agreement."