Monday, December 08, 2003

Zimbabwe: the morning after ...

The main Zim opposition group, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), characterized Mugabe's move as illegal because the decision to pull Zim out of the Commonwealth was taken without Cabinet approval.

This piece arguess that Mugabe's decision has dealt a blow to Mbeki's standing in the region. Mbeki has advocated a quiet approach to the Zim issue ... and it hasn't worked.

And where is Bob ... Mugabe is on his way to Geneva to attend the World Summit on the Information Society (which the folks at Daily Summit are going to be blogging from).

p.s. ... This piece from the Zimbabwe Standard argues that the MDC is "... losing its grip on the urban electorate giving the ruling party [ZANU-PF] leeway to rediscover itself in urban areas." (link via Head Heeb)