Friday, December 12, 2003

South Africa: Mbeki's scathing letter about CHOGM

This week, Mbeki's weekly letter to the African National Congress is on the Commonwealth meeting and its decision on Zimbabwe. It's clear from the letter that Mbeki is furious. And if you can, read the whole thing ... especially where he outlines the steps he says SA took to resolve the Zim issue.

Here are some excerpts ...
At its March 19, 2002 meeting in London, at which it suspended Zimbabwe for a year, the Troika [SA, Nigeria, Australia] reiterated a critically important statement made by the Coolum CHOGM. It said that the land question was at the core of the crisis in Zimbabwe and could not be separated from other issues of concern.

At the Abuja CHOGM, the land question in Zimbabwe was not discussed. Indeed, the land question has disappeared from the global discourse about Zimbabwe, except when it is mentioned to highlight the plight of the former white landowners, and to attribute food shortages in Zimbabwe to the land redistribution programme.

... With everything having failed to restore the land to its original owners in a peaceful manner, a forcible process of land redistribution perhaps became inevitable.

... It is clear that some within Zimbabwe and elsewhere in the world, including our country, are following the example set by "Reagan and his advisers", to "treat human rights as a tool" for overthrowing the government of Zimbabwe and rebuilding Zimbabwe as they wish. In modern parlance, this is called regime change. (full-text)