Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Somalia: approx. 34 killed, 80 injured in two days of fighting

This is in the central Somalia ....
The clashes were the latest in a series of tit for tat confrontations rooted in the April murder of a Marehan [clan] elder, allegedly by Dir clansmen. ...

The heavily inter-married Dir and Marehan clans have lived side by side in Somalia’s Gedo region for several decades without much confrontation.

The Dir are affiliated with the Southern Somalia National Movement faction while the Marehan belong to Somalia National Front, both of which were among the 27 factions that signed a cease-fire agreement in Kenya on October 27, 2002.

The latest round of fighting erupted despite calls by the Kenyan government to all warring factions and clans in Somalia to respect a ceasefire agreement. (link)
And here's a bit more context ...
The last confrontation between fighters from the Marehan and Dir subclans over land occurred in mid November and left nearly 100 people dead. Elders and chieftains from the two groups are still in peace negotiations, but after Tuesday's fighting both sides were remobilizing their militias.

Hundreds of women and children have fled their homes in anticipation of more fighting, residents said. (link)