Thursday, December 18, 2003

Russia: ... attacks on people of colour

Last year, ambassadors from 37 African nations appealed to the [Russian] Foreign Ministry for protection for their citizens. Human rights groups have documented widespread harassment, often with the compliance or support of the police.

... "Nearly every week, or every other week, someone stands up and says, `Please pray for me, I had a run-in with skinheads,' or, `Pray for my friend who was beaten by the police,' " said the pastor, John Calhoun [of the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy].

...National holidays and major sports events — with their drunkenness and heightened passions — are times to stay home, many students said. Mr. Diboi Kath said that although he loved sports, he had never been to a soccer stadium or a basketball game in Moscow. "It's like a dream for me," he said. "The cinema is like a dream. If you go to the cinema or to a stadium, it means you want to die." (link)