Friday, December 12, 2003

Nigeria: ... lower house to hold hearings about Taylor

Nigeria's House of Representatives' foreign relations committee is going to hold hearings on whether Charles Taylor should have asylum in Nigeria. A date for the hearings hasn't been set yet.

Dr. Usman Bugaje, chairperson of the committee, thinks Taylor should be handed over.
"We in the legislature felt it was wrong [to give him asylum]," he told reporters. "Even the UN refugee charter forbids giving asylum to refugees accused of war crimes."
And as for that offer made by the mercenary company to kidnap Taylor, presidential advisor Femi Fani Kayode had this to say ...
"They will be apprehended, incarcerated, prosecuted and jailed - and if they resist any attempt to arrest them they will leave Nigeria in their coffin, it's as simple as that." (link)