Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Kenya: Moi won't be investigated

Former President Daniel arap Moi won't be targeted in the graft and corruption investigations going on in Kenya. And contrary to earlier reports, Moi has not been granted immunity from prosecution.
"I'm not saying Moi's name will not crop up in investigations or that he won't be mentioned as facts are uncovered," [Permanent Secretary for Ethics and Governance John] Githongo added.

"But we have absolutely no plans to target him personally in the same way as has happened in other places. It's a hard political choice. But we have to recognise the significance of the manner in which Moi left office." Kenyans say Moi fostered a nepotistic system that bled the state of resources, and Kibaki's government is working to recover between $1-billion and $4-billion in public funds it said was stolen and hidden abroad during Moi's rule. (link)
Though Moi is safe, everybody else from his administration is "fair game".