Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Kenya: civil workers are going to lose jobs

The East African Standard reports that thousands of civil service workers will soon lose their jobs.

The numbers are impressive ...

Kenya civil service = 425,000
civil service pay = 80% of recurrent budget = 9.2% of GDP
Despite [civil service head Francis] Mwiraria’s vehement denials, it is understood that the International Monetary Fund’s decision to resume lending was premised on the State’s promise of massive layoffs.

A Sh19.25 billion three-year financial arrangement has already been entered into under which the Government has promised to retrench at least 23,740 civil servants from July next year and a further 5,000 the following year.

Parastatal workers and staff of public universities have been included in the retrenchment net. The universities will lose 3,500 workers while parastatals will shed 11,840 in the lay-offs.
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