Monday, December 22, 2003

Cote d'Ivoire: rebels returning to government

The New Forces rebel group has announced that its members will return to the power-sharing transitional goverment that they walked away from in September. They are going to take up their posts on Friday.

Ibrahim Coulibaly, who was proclaimed leader of the group on Friday, had issued a statement earlier today saying that they would return.
"I have just ordered each of our ministers to return to their posts on Monday, December 22, and to work resolutely and devotedly for the rigorous application of the Marcoussis accords," Coulibaly said in a statement issued in Paris.

... "I also invite President Laurent Gbagbo to also work resolutely... to put the country's higher interests over political calculations and suspicions and deliver a speech about the official end of the war," he said. (link)