Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Cote d'Ivoire: rebels could return to cabinet w/in days

Sidiki Konate, the spokesman of the northern rebels who are officially known as "The New Forces," told IRIN there had been good progress in negotiations on a deal that would allow the rebels to return to government.

... “On Wednesday or Thursday, the [UN-led] monitoring committee will give an answer to our proposals," Konate told IRIN by telephone from the rebel headquarters in the central city of Bouake.

Judging by the “favourable feedback” received from the monitoring comittee, the eight rebel ministers who withdrew from the broad-based coalition government on 23 September could return to Abidjan "at the beginning of next week," he added.
But these positive developments could be scuttled if the Young Patriots do manage to have 100,000 march on rebel territory tomorrow.