Monday, December 01, 2003

Cote d'Ivoire: Pro-Gbagbo demonstrators outside French base

A few hundred Pro-Gbagbo young people demonstrated outside the French base in Abidjan and French peacekeepers used tear gas to disperse the crowd. Yesterday, French peacekeepers clashed with about 100 Ivorian troops who were escorting a couple hundred young people into the demilitarized zone and into rebel-held territory.

Also yesterday, a group of government soldiers forced their way into a government television studio and made a statement telling the French troops to leave and calling on Gbagbo to fire a number of senior military officials -- among them men who support reconciliation with the rebels.

Note the italicized bit in this report ...
The unidentified officers, who appeared to have government authorization to enter the television centre, urged Gbagbo to remove Doue within 48 hours ...
Gbagbo hasn't publically addressed the incident but one of his military advisors did characterize the action as "insubordination".