Friday, December 19, 2003

Botswana: breaks with SADC statement of Zim

Botswana said it had no part in the Dec. 9 SADC statement that criticized the Commonwealth for its decison to continute Zimbabwe's suspension from that body.

This from Jeff Ramsay, press secretary to President Festus Mogae.
"It should be further noted that Botswana was not in fact present at the meeting at which certain Sadc countries agreed to issue the said statement distancing themselves from the position taken by the Commonwealth as a whole," Ramsay said.(link)
Here is a bit more on Botswana's position from the Botswana Gazette.
"We can't attack the Commonwealth stance, which we were part of. That is what the SADC statement is saying. But as a country we wanted the Zimbabwe suspension lifted," said Ramsay.