Saturday, November 15, 2003

Zimbabwe: armed rebellion?

On Thursday, UK-based human rights activist Peter Tatchell announced that there's now an armed opposition group in Zim.

He said the Zimbabwe Freedom Movement (ZFM) numbers in the "low thousands" and is threatening armed rebellion unless Mugabe steps down.

He also said that ZFM consisted primarily of serving members of the Zimbabwean armed forces, police and intelligence service.

Tatchell said the ZFM had no links with the Movement for Democratic Change, the main political opposition group.

Neither the MDC nor ZANU-PF (Mugabe's party) seem to believe that this is a real group. However, Chris Mullen, the British Foreign Office minister responsible for Africa, did confirm that somebody from the ZFM had been in touch with the British high commission in Harare, and had been sent away.

As for Tatchell, he has twice tried to perform a citizen's arrest on Mr Mugabe.