Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Turkey: Kurdish rebel group dissolves

The Congress for Freedom and Democracy in Kurdistan (formerly the Kurdistan Workers Party) announced today that it was dissolving itself and forming a new group to pursue Kurdish rights through negotiations.

The most interesting detail is in the middle of the story.
Turkey and the United States have agreed to a joint plan to combat the group and Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said Monday that KADEK fighters clashed with Iraqi Kurdish and U.S. forces Sunday in northern Iraq. One Iraqi Kurdish border guard was killed in the clash, officials said.

"Turkey ... wants to eliminate us by pitting the United States against us in Iraq," the Germany-based Kurdish news agency Mezopotamya quoted senior rebel commander Cemil Bayik as saying. "Clearly, we have to organize an effective political struggle against those dangerous policies that could lead to a war. We have to succeed in this."