Friday, November 07, 2003

Israel-Palestine: Red Cross halts food aid to WB residents

The desicsion by the International Committee for the Red Cross to halt food aid to residents of the West Bank affects about 50,000 families. This leaves them with enough food till the end of the year.
The ICRC started its voucher scheme more than a year ago following Israel's reinvasion of the west Bank, stressing then it was only a short-term, emergency measure. It now says that Israel, as the occupying power, should ensure the whole population has access to food and water, medical assistance, employment and education.

...Israel's Major General Yosef Mishlav, co-ordinator of government activities in the territories, last month expressed concern at the ending of the ICRC programme, according to the Ma'ariv newspaper. He said other organisations would have to pay for humanitarian aid while ways were found to relieve Israeli pressure on the Palestinians.
Is this playing politics with aid?